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Wednesday | April 4

10:30 AM – 11:20 AM
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Fulfillment Mountaineering: Handling Major and Minor Demand Peaks

Without a successful peak, it’s nearly impossible to hit your target financials. Many businesses face a non-holiday peak season or have several “mini-peaks” throughout the year, presenting inventory and staffing challenges. While your company may have amazing products, engaging marketing and top-of-the-line delivery options, shortcomings in operational execution can make or break your year.

So how do you successfully navigate the challenges of varying levels of demand and staffing? In this session you’ll hear from the leaders of dynamic supply chains who will discuss how they manage non-traditional peaks. You’ll walk away with ready-to-implement principles for your supply chain.

This session will cover:
• Tactics to maximize productivity and optimize resources
• How to evaluate peak performance to adjust and streamline processes
• Best practices for working with vendors and carriers
  • Jim Wells, Vice President of Transportation, Distribution and Channel Logistics, Starbucks
  • Joe Morrow, Senior Director, Logistics and Operations, Samsung Electronics America
  • Ian Hobkirk, President, Commonwealth Supply Chain Advisors
  • Bruce Welty, Chairman and Founder, Locus Robotics
11:30 AM – 12:20 PM
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Is the Future Now? Using AR and Heads-Up Display in the DC

While Google Glass never took off as a cool gadget for consumers, augmented reality is having a second life as an enterprise tool in manufacturing and distribution facilities. So far it has shown benefits in both picking and cross-docking applications. AR solutions can also cut down on fixed infrastructure costs such as pick-to-light systems and put walls.
DHL eCommerce has been testing both Google Glass and a related AR system at facilities in the Netherlands and in Columbus, OH, the latter for a major fashion retailer and a technology firm. An operations executive from DHL and an industry expert will discuss their experience implementing the technology and the results achieved to date, including increased associate productivity and overall picking efficiency gains.

This session will cover:
• The types of use cases where AR makes sense, and where it doesn’t
• Results to date of AR implementations in DTC operations
• Integration and infrastructure issues and how they’re addressed
• Untapped potential and where the technology is headed

Speakers TBA
2:30 PM – 3:20 PM
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Knowing When and How to Choose a 3PL Partner

With the advent of same-day shipping and the popularity of Amazon, more ecommerce shippers are considering third-party fulfillment (3PL) to help them meet the challenges of a hyper-competitive market and customers’ heightened service-level expectations. But to make this happen, they need to know what to look for in a 3PL partner, what technologies to consider and how to effectively benchmark providers.

This session will outline how SweatBlock evaluated and settled on its 3PL provider. It will be loaded with expertise and practical tips on the entire process, including setting requirements, conducting research, final selection and the contract phase that helped SweatBlock partner with the right 3PL based on its current and future needs.

This session will cover:

• When in your evolution a 3PL partnership should be considered
• What elements go into the selection process
• Fulfillment charges and costs to consider
• Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to help you evaluate 3PLs
• Other resources to help in your selection process
  • Austin Graff, Director of Operations, SweatBlock
  • Krish Iyer, Director, Shipping & Logistics Solutions, ShipStation
3:30 PM – 4:20 PM
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Translating Your Strategic Plan into Operational Objectives

As senior management looks forward three to five years, how do you plan the changes required in your DTC operations? What changes are needed to meet your strategic plan’s objectives, including merchandise, processes, facilities, systems and shipping? In a competitive environment, there is always pressure to make these changes quickly.

This session will provide tools to help you develop operational projects that are in sync with your company’s strategic plans. A panel of senior operations leaders will discuss their planning processes at a high level. They’ll also talk about how they translate requirements into long-term solutions in line with organizational goals.

This session will cover:
• Planning and follow-up steps to success
• How to involve your DC staff
• How to conduct risk analysis of the options being considered
• Tips to help you deliver projects on time and within budget
4:30 PM – 5:20 PM
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Taking Your Fulfillment to the Cloud

With an explosion in the popularity of subscription boxes, it’s tempting for ecommerce companies to explore a subscription offering as an added revenue source. But it pays to understand the unique challenges associated with subscription order fulfillment. From managing inventory to getting orders out the door, there’s an exact science behind well-oiled subscription commerce – and warehouse management technology makes it possible.

Hear from gamer-based apparel and collectibles subscription service Loot Crate about why and when a best-of-breed WMS became a necessity. Today the company uses its system to support rapid growth, accurately fulfilling hundreds of thousands of orders a month.

This session will cover:
• What to look for when selecting a WMS
• Why Loot Crate chose a cloud-based system vs. an on-premise solution
• Steps to a successful WMS implementation
• Helping your warehouse team transition from basic inventory data collection solution to a best-of-breed solution

Thursday | April 5

9:00 AM – 9:50 AM
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Warehouse Robotics: Tipping Point or Pipe Dream?

While the automation industry has promoted solutions for more than a quarter century, the last two years have seen an explosion in offerings that promise newer, faster and cheaper robots. But do promises of addressing labor force shortfalls, increased productivity and reduced downtime live up to expectations, or are we just repeating the same slogans we have seen again and again?

A noted expert in supply chain strategy and automation and a robotics entrepreneur will explore the current technology landscape from an agnostic perspective. They will address what’s working today and what it will take to get us to a future state where warehouse robotics is a must-have, attainable capability in merchant DC operations.

This session will cover:
• Industry trends driving the adoption of warehouse robotics
• The current state of technologies being utilized
• How leading companies are tacking warehouse robotics projects
• What problems need to be solved to increase utilization
• What warehouse robotics will look like in the future
11:40 AM – 12:30 PM
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WMS 3.0: Benefit from the Biggest Changes in 20 Years

The choices in warehouse management systems are more distinct now than they have been in years. Whatever the size of your organization, the WMS marketplace demands a thorough look because of new types of software on the market, not just new providers. These systems can deliver functionality that’s quite different from what’s been available.

Other speakers TBA This discussion will focus on how the new systems can impact productivity, operational flexibility and a DC manager’s ability to coordinate labor. Multichannel retailers, ecommerce companies and 3PL operator, or anyone with a complex warehouse operation will benefit from the information shared.

This session will cover:
• How new-breed WMS systems can add value to small and large DC operations
• How they can optimize labor allocation and reduce associate downtime
• The ROI and making the business case to management
• Types of providers to pursue based on scale, complexity of operations, etc.

More speakers TBA
12:40 PM – 1:30 PM
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Choosing the Right Mix of Automated and Manual DC Processes

Automation is a great solution to a lot of fulfillment problems, but it can get very expensive quickly. When you consider automation for handling seasonal volume spikes, it can get even more expensive and complex. Automation is most effective when applied to the right part of your operations, and despite talk of “lights out” facilities a 100% automated DC is very difficult to justify.

This session will cover best practices for determining which elements of your fulfillment operations can benefit the most from automation, those that will not, and how to marry the two in one integrated system for peak efficiency. It will also cover the range of automation solutions available today and how they are best applied.

You will learn:
• How to analyze product movement to identify the best candidates for automation
• How to consolidate orders from automated and manual picking processes
• How to determine if packing automation is a good fit for your operation
• About the latest packing and picking automation technologies

More speakers TBA
  • Dave Lodwig, Account and Marketing Executive, Conveyco
  • Steven Linn, Vice President of Operations, Alex and Ani

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