How Do Your Operational Measures Stack Up?

Benchmark and Improve Your Company’s Performance

March 28, 2017 | 9:30 – 11:20 a.m.

Meeting the demands of today’s multichannel shopper has never been more challenging for merchants.  Omnichannel, low-cost shipping and easy return options are some of the factors that have increased the complexity for direct-to-customer merchants as they strive to deliver a great customer experience and maintain profitability.

The Executive Operations Forum will feature findings from an exclusive and unique joint project, in which Multichannel Merchant and F. Curtis Barry & Company have teamed up to develop an industry benchmarking report focusing on key performance metrics for merchants to improve costs, productivity and service levels. This research, being developed in cooperation with executives from leading companies of all sizes, will cover key performance metrics across fulfillment center, contact center and inventory management.

Attend the Forum for the opportunity to learn about best practices that are improving performance, reducing costs and raising the bar on customer service. As part of this session, you will have opportunities to exchange ideas with your peers.

All those attending the forum and taking part in the benchmarking will receive:

  • A detailed analysis report of the Operations Benchmarking Research across Fulfillment Center, Contact Center and Inventory Management
  • Access to executives from F. Curtis Barry & Company and peers to discuss specifics of the research and how your business compares

Only those companies providing data will receive the detailed benchmarking report. The data collection will remain open until January 31.

Take the Benchmarking Survey here

Having the opportunity to benchmark against other companies will help you determine where you need to focus your investments to reach and exceed customer expectations. All data will be on a blind basis and not identified by company name.

“You can’t improve something you haven’t measured.” (Lord Kelvin, British scientist)

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Please note: you must pre-register for this forum. There is no extra cost, but only one person per company is allowed – and you must be the top operations or C-level executive in your organization in order to participate.

If you have any additional questions about the benchmarketing, please contact Curt Barry at (804) 814-8168 or cbarry@fcbco.com.