We’ve created specific topical tracks for Operations Summit 2016 to help guide you through the many sessions and topics we’ll be presenting throughout the conference. See the track descriptions below. 

Omnichannel/Distributed Inventory/Inventory Management Track

With so much emphasis being placed on delivering a consistently excellent customer experience across channels, contact center and customer service professionals need to go through a continual process of review, innovate and execute to ensure satisfaction, build loyalty and drive sales. This track will deliver a wealth of insights into ways leading brands are successfully melding social and digital channels with traditional ones, addressing staffing and training needs, creating community while driving sales, and balancing self-service with high-touch interaction.
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Executive/Management Track

Over two days, these high-level focused sessions will go in depth on top-of-mind topics that resonate with operations and fulfillment executives, presented in a format which allows for rich interaction and peer-to-peer networking. From the ins and outs of peak season planning to staffing and labor management, setting up and maintaining lean processes, solving technology issues and seeing the big picture in the distribution center, these packed sessions will provide useful insights and actionable information that will help you improve both operational performance and efficiency.
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Warehouse/Fulfillment/Returns/Packaging Track

How optimized are your warehouse operations? How can you take them to the next level? How much does automation play a part in your DC – and what functions should you consider automating? How efficient are your packaging processes, and how do they address dimensional weight changes (DIM)? Are you making the best use of your warehouse space? How are you addressing technology and system needs, and looking to the future? This track will help you keep on top of the latest trends, and provide insights to help you accelerate fulfillment and boost performance. Hear from merchant practitioners and thought leaders who will tackle the big questions and provide workable solutions.
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Shipping/Delivery/Logistics Track

As the world of direct-to-consumer shipping and delivery gets ever more complex – with new players emerging and established ones making tactical counter-moves – merchants need to keep on top of their game to remain competitive. Do you offer free shipping? Do you move to same-day delivery? What is the impact on operations and profitability? How do you determine which port(s) of entry make sense to bring in shipments? How about inbound logistics and returns processing? The sessions in this track will help you sort through these important issues, as you hear from expert panelists and industry veterans who will help you develop a winning shipping and logistics approach.
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Customer Experience/Contact Center Track