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We’ve created specific topical tracks for Operations Summit 2015 to help guide you through the many sessions and topics we’ll be presenting throughout the conference. You can also see more detailed information for each track by clicking ‘More Info’ following each description. Or check out a summary list of tracks and sessions here.

Executive/Management Track

This exclusive series covers several high-level topics that matter most to top operations and fulfillment executives, presented in a forum which allows for rich interaction and peer networking. From tackling enterprise technology and integration issues, to hiring/staffing best practices, expert advice on peak season planning, and dealing with ever-rising customer expectations, the executive track will have a little bit of everything to help you improve both operational performance and efficiency.
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Omnichannel/Distributed Inventory/Inventory Management Track

Increasing demands from customers who want the same experience no matter how they buy, and want it fast and cheap, has made omnichannel one of the biggest disruptive trends in retail since ecommerce. From ship to store, ship from store and in-store pickup, omnichannel is causing ripples throughout the entire supply chain, touching all aspects of operations. Inventory management, including global product visibility and distributed order management, becomes a strategic focus that helps make the magic happen. This track will help merchants gain a better understanding of how omnichannel works, including the pain points and their solutions, so that they are equipped to implement it successfully in their organization.
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Shipping/Delivery/Logistics Track

The growing push for immediate (delivery) gratification – whether a true consumer demand or a created one – is nevertheless rippling outward and causing shockwaves that profoundly affect how merchants transport products from DC or store to door. Do you go to next-day delivery – or in some cases, same day? How economically viable are these options? And how do you contain shipping costs with the double whammy of annual carrier increases and the expansion of DIM to smaller parcels, affecting the vast majority of ecommerce orders? How about optimization on the inbound side – your returns and supplier shipments? The sessions in this track will help you sort through these important issues, as you hear from expert panelists and industry veterans who will help you develop a winning shipping and logistics approach.
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Warehouse/Fulfillment/Returns/Packaging Track

How optimized are your warehouse operations? How can you take them to the next level? How much does automation play a part in your DC – and what functions should you consider automating? How efficient are your packaging processes, and do they address dimensional weight changes (DIM)? When does it make sense to go DIY vs. using off-the-shelf technology? This track will help you keep on top of the latest trends across the gamut of DC operations, from deciding where, when and how to expand your operations – and if you go third party or internal – to solutions that accelerate fulfillment and boost performance. Hear from merchant practitioners and thought leaders who will tackle the big questions and provide workable solutions.
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Customer Experience/Contact Center Track

With so much emphasis being placed on delivering a consistently excellent customer experience across channels – think of it as the “Zappos effect” – contact center and customer care professionals need to keep on top of their game in order to ensure satisfaction, build loyalty and drive sales. This track will deliver a wealth of insights into areas like how leading brands are successfully melding social and digital channels with traditional ones, how they are addressing staffing and training needs, the role customer service programs can play in creating community and driving sales, and the importance of balance self-service with high-touch interaction.
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New! Recognition for Omnichannel Super-Heroes!

In 2015, we are featuring the new Excellence in Customer Experience Award at the Operations Summit. Specifically for omnichannel operations, this award honors the power of operations as the key driver in today’s growing ecommerce marketplace. Winners will be announced at our Awards Luncheon on April 16 as part of the Operations Summit.

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